Essential Softball Mechanics
is a powerful starting point for building extraordinary baseball players...   the only missing ingredient is an athlete with a dream and the drive to achieve this dream.

The "How To Play" Advisory Board has selected 3 skills that turn average players into exceptional players from each of the 6 "How To Play Better Softball" brochures by answering this question:

"After 3 years of Little League, what important mechanics sets the really good players apart from the average player?"

Coaches, Parents and Self-Coached Players use these important mechanics as an excellent point to begin teaching baseball playing skills.  

"Essential Softball Mechanics" introduces these important baseball skills by using excerpts from the actual "How To Play Better Softball" Brochure.  These skills are followed by the basics needed to mechanically perform each skill.  Players and Coaches receive even greater detail on performing each skill from the actual  "How To Play Better Softball" brochure for that discipline...  

Catchers - (1)  use their bodies to block bad pitches, (2)  turn their backs to the field to catch pop fouls and (3)  use footwork to throw runners out.
Fielders -
(1)  are in motion as the ball crosses the plate, (2)  uses their route to the ball as a transition to their throwing position and (3)  catch pop flies in a throwing position.
Hitting -
(1)  use their bodies to drive the ball with power, (2)  keeps their weight back as long as possible and (3)  lands their stride on the in-step of their stride foot.
Offense -
(1)  places their hits to move runners up, (2)  manufacture situations that force defensive errors and (3)  instinctively steals bases in special situations.
Pitching -
(1)  have a balance point in their delivery, (2)  lets their bodies create power and control in the pitch and (3)  coils their bodies forcing the body to explode into the pitch.
Team Defense -
(1)  each players has a purpose on each play, (2)  makes an early call for fly balls and (3)  makes sure the player with the easiest catch makes the play.

"How To Play Better Softball"
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