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- Hands - instantly release the bat... Left Leg (right-handed batters) - pushes off... Right Arm - drive forward as the left leg pushes off... Head - up... Eyes - forward... Arms - pumping... Strides - first couple are short and choppy while running on the balls of the feet, the strides lengthy the farther the hitter gets from the plate.
RUNNING TO FIRST - Running Lane - run just outside the foul line directly to first base... Approaching the bag - stay in stride, avoid lunging at the bag... Eyes - stays straight ahead... Running Style - the hitter runs to first base at full speed always remembering to run through the bag... On Base Hits - make a slight arc about 15' from the base... Left Shoulder - drops down toward the base... Foot Nearest the Bag - touches the bag on the inside corner."

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All slides begin about 4 long steps from the bag. The hands are always in a loose fist to avoid injury.
STAND-UP SLIDES - The slide's direction is away from the tag. A runner has an option of missing the bag completely, yet touching the bag with the hand as they pass the bag. Legs - the right leg bends slightly. The left foot is positioned under the right knee. .. Body - the runner slides on their back hip pockets... Hands- use one hand to touch the bag when purposely missing the bag.
HOOK SLIDES - This slide is excellent for breaking up double plays. Legs - both legs are bent on the same side of the body. The back foot finishes the slide by making contact with the bag... Body - lean back in a reclining position... Hands - in the air as high as comfortably possible..."

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Scoring Strategies

In this 8 panel brochure, Softball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover these detailed third baseman mechanics ...

  • fielding ground balls,

  • throwing a baseball,

  • handling screamers to third base,

  • fielding slow rollers,

  • catching fly balls,

  • completing the 5-4-3 double play,

  • tagging,

  • playing cut-off and

  • rundowns.

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