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Effective Pitching Mechanics

"The Stride
The stride influences the pitch's direction and velocity.
Stride Knee - raises up with the glove reaching forward... Glove Hand - extend in front of the pitcher... Stride Leg - the lower half of the leg comes forward with a slight bend as the stride foot makes contact with the ground... Upper Body - stands tall... Foot - lands slightly closed (1 o'clock position) in a direct line with the target".

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"The Arm Action
Picture the arm as a weight on the end of a string rotating around the shoulder.
Arm Throughout the Pitching Motion- relaxed. Relatively straight for the throwing hand to reach its maximum radius... Pitching Arm Shoulder - at the top of the windmill action, the shoulder moves rearward as the body opens... Arm at Release - brushes very close to the hip with a whipping action to the arm at the release... Hand - just prior to release, the hand is "cocked" behind the wrist.... Upper Arm - decelerates while the lower arm keeps moving.... Lower Arm - straightens... Wrist - snaps are release... Elbow - unlocked, bending slightly during the release with a considerably bend after the release."

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Effective Pitching Mechanics

In this 8 panel brochure, Softball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover pitching mechanics for broken down into well-defined movements for every body part during each phase of the pitching motion. These are the same mechanics professional coaches teach their players.

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