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Effective Pitcher Mechanics

Always use the glove to field ground balls hit back to the mound. The mechanics that appear in italics below refer to hard hit balls only.
Movement to "Field the Ball". Feet - the move toward the ball begins with a cross over step or a quick shuffle... Knocking the Ball Down -
the ball comes to the Pitcher so quickly that, when just knocking the ball down, the Pitcher has plenty of time to regain their "balance" to make an accurate throw.

"How To Play Better Softball"
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Where to Make the Play - listen to the catcher for the throw's direction... Ball Still Moving - field the ball with two hands, then make the throw... Moving on an Extremely Close Play - risk bare handing the ball... Ball Stopped Moving - push the ball into the ground with the bare hand, quickly bring the ball back, then throw the ball.

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Effective Pitcher Mechanics

In this 8 panel brochure, Softball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover these detailed pitcher mechanics ...

  • using the defensive position to improve pitching mechanics,

  • fielding ground balls,

  • throwing a baseball,

  • defensive reactions to six different situations,

  • handling slow rollers,

  • directing infielders with pop-ups,

  • tagging,

  • playing cut-off and

  • rundowns.

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