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Effective Hitting Mechanics

Stance - Take the same "Stance" each time at bat. Always begin by bending at the waist, then bend at the knees. ... Weight Shift - The hitter shows the pitcher their back pocket as the hitter sees the pitcher's back pocket... Stride - The hips remain coiled as the front knee points slightly inward... Swing - The swing begins by throwing the hips at the ball. The bellybutton is facing the pitcher as the bat hits the ball... Follow-through - The hips and waist continue their natural rotation as the body slows down."

"How To Play Better Softball"
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Stance - both eyes focus on the pitcher's cap...Weight Shift - the eyes move toward the pitcher's release point...Stride - the head remains steady with the eyes focused on the pitcher's release point... Swing- the eyes follow the ball into the head of the bat...Follow-through - *the head moves only after the chin touches the back shoulder."

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Effective Hitting Mechanics

In this 8 panel brochure, Softball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover how to develop a productive swing with these critical hitting skills ...

  • detailed hitting mechanics,

  • a list of the most important mechanics within the swing,

  • avoiding bad pitches,

  • developing a hitting plan,

  • the hitter's mental approach to hitting and

  • 'Solutions to Hitting Problems'.

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