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Fielding Drills

Teach relay catching and footwork techniques.
With five or more players lined up a good distance apart, the players practice relay mechanics. The receiving player has their hands up, uses a drop step as the ball is thrown, opens his throwing side and catches the ball with the feet already in the throwing position. The next player in line then throws the ball using the same relay mechanics. Coaches can set up a contest seeing which group can relay the ball the fastest."

"How To Play Better Softball"
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Teach infielders to get the ball off as quickly as possible after catching the ball.
With partners about 20-25 feet apart, the partners catch and throw the ball back and forth as quickly as possible. The fielders make sure they use their feet to square off their shoulders to make strong throws to their partners. The coach can set up a competition counting the number of times the pairs successfully throw the ball back and forth."

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Effective Fielding Drills

In this 8 panel brochure, Softball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover ways to develop muscle memory when fielding with these fielding drills ..

  • general fielding drills,

  • catching and throwing drills,

  • middle infielder drills and

  • outfielder drills

that professional coaches use to teach their players.  

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