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Effective Catcher Mechanics

"Give a target within a target" by always positioning the glove in the middle of the body... Waist - Always have the bellybutton inside the strike zone. Except when the hitter is in the way and particularly on inside pitches, always line up squarely with the corner of the plate that the pitch is being thrown. Shift into position at the last second to avoid tipping off batters on the pitch location."

"How To Play Better Softball"
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Not too far away - keep the feet planted moving the body toward the ball... Clearly Away - take one step toward the ball... High Pitches - the glove is angled down above the pitch... Low Pitches Near The Body - drop to the knees, body square to the pitch, hand in the middle of the body, the chest square to the pitch, the chin tucked into the chest, the shoulders forward... Low Pitches Away From The Body - step to the side of the ball, drop the opposite knee to the ground, hands to the space between the knees and the foot. Keep the body as square to the ball as possible."

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Effective Catcher Mechanics

In this 8 panel brochure, Softball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover how to develop muscle memory with these detailed catcher mechanics ...

  • positioning behind the plate,

  • giving signs,

  • receiving the pitch,

  • framing the pitch,

  • body position on bad pitches,

  • defending bunts,

  • catching foul balls,

  • making a tag at home and

  • questioning the umpire.

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