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"How To Play Better Soccer"  |  "How To Practice Better Soccer"
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"How To Play Better Soccer" Series
Get these titles at discount - $7.92 $6.93
Effective Attacking Mechanics - 99

Effective Ball Control Mechanics - 99

Effective Defensive Mechanics - 99

Effective Team Strategies - 99

Effective Goalkeeper Mechanics - 99

Effective Passing Mechanics - 99

Effective Shooting Mechanics - 99

Essential Soccer Mechanics - 99


"How To Practice Better Soccer" Series
Get these titles at discount - $7.92 $6.93

Effective Attacking Drills - 99

Effective Ball Control Drills  - 99

Effective Dribbling Drills - 99

Effective Heading Drills - 99

Effective Defensive Drills - 99

Effective Goalkeeper Drills - 99


Effective Passing Drills - 99

Effective Shooting Drills - 99


Make this season your Players' best yet
with your 50 brochure
"Soccer Coach's Survival Kit"

Get mechanical skills,
drills to make these skills natural and automatic and
coaching wisdom to tie everything together.
All this at a huge discount!!!


Each Soccer Coach's Survival Kit contains  ...

  • 3 complete "How To Play Better Soccer" Series

  • 1 complete "How To Practice Better Soccer  " Series and

  • 3 complete "How to Coach Better"  Series!!!

"How To Coach Better"
Get these brochures for only ... -
$5.94 $4.96

Effective Coaching Techniques - 99

Effective Mental Training - 99

Effective Team Building - 99

Essential Coaching Behaviors - 99

Effective Athletic Balance  - 99


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How To Play Better Soccer
Effective Attacking Mechanics
Effective Ball Control Mechanics
Effective Defensive Mechanics
Effective Team Strategies
Effective Goalkeeping Mechanics
Effective Passing Mechanics
Effective Shooting Mechanics
Essential Soccer Mechanics

How to Practice Better Soccer

Effective Attacking Drills
Effective Ball Control Drills
Effective Defensive Drills
Effective Dribbling Drills
Effective Goalkeeping Drills
Effective Passing Drills
Effective Shooting Drills
Effective Heading Drills

How To Coach Better
Effective Coaching Techniques
Effective Mental Training
Effective Team Building
Effective Child & Parent Connections
Effective Self-Teaching Techniques
Essential Coaching Behaviors
Effective Athletic Balance
Achieving Peak Performance