The How to Play Series

The How to Play series covers six popular team sports: baseball, basketball, football, hockey (ice and roller), soccer and softball. The series delivers over 1,000 secrets of professional players, allowing your athlete(s) to play like a pro. There is also a special coach’s section, which provides guidance on key issues from motivating players to working well with parents.

Best of all, the information is clearly laid out in easy-to-read brochures that slip behind a car visor or in a gym bag pocket. There is no tape to feed into a VCR and no expensive machines to purchase. In fact, the How to Play brochures cost much less than a single hour’s session with a seasoned professional.

The How to Play Approach

A player develops skills through (1) knowledge, (2) repetition and (3) consistency. This is the basis for How to Play.

Knowledge – ”You cannot learn what you do not understand.” That’s why the How to Play brochures provide concise and detailed, easy-to-understand playing mechanics. These are skills that players can easily access during practice, the game or while sitting on the couch at home.

Repetition - The best way to play any sport better is by “perfectly” practicing one skill at a time. How to Play isolates the playing mechanics by individual body part for each of the skills covered in each brochure. On average, players take up to 3 weeks of daily practice to make any one skill “automatic.” By “automatic,” we mean the player performs the skill on demand without any conscious thought. We create muscle memory with established practice routines.

ConsistencyHow To Play brochures deliver the same consistent message. That means parents can reinforce that message off the field.