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Effective Running Back Mechanics

For 99, Football Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover these detailed running back mechanics ...

  • running back stances,

  • movement at the snap,

  • ball exchanges,

  • running with the ball,

  • blocking,

  • pass catching and

  • what to expect from all the players involved in each play.

"How To Play Better Football"
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Discover 18 important running back drills the pros use with this 8 panel brochure and then find out the skills they relate to in Effective Running Back Mechanics

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Effective Running Back Mechanics

Here's a couple of sections exactly as they appear in "EFFECTIVE RUNNING BACK MECHANICS"!!!

(Note: The "cut" side refers to the side of the cut. The "other" refers to the opposite side.)
Cuts. Feet - Five yards in front of the defender, the player steps slightly to the opposite side of the cut. Two yards in front of the defender, the back pretends to make the cut to the opposite side with the "other foot." As the "other foot" touches the ground, the "other foot" pushes in the opposite direction. This forces the body into a forty-five degree angle to the cut side. The "cut foot" makes a short step to the side of the defender... Head/Shoulders - five yards in front of the defender, the head/shoulders jerk to the opposite side of the cut... Hands - hold the ball on the side furthest away from the tackler."

"How To Play Better Football"
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The player makes a "pocket" with the arms to receive the ball... Top Half of the "Pocket." Inside Elbow - even with the shoulders... Forearm - horizontal with the ground... Inside Hand - palm down ready to accept the point of the ball... Bottom Half of the "Pocket." Outside Elbow - straight down from the shoulder... Forearm - horizontal across the midsection... Outside Hand - slightly bent with the palm up ready to accept the other end of the ball... Fingers - pointing toward the quarterback.
Receiving the Ball. instantly Hands - both hands
secure the upon contact... Eyes - focused on the hole where the play goes and the defensive reactions to the play."

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