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Effective Quarterback Mechanics

For 99, Football Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover these detailed quarterback mechanics ...

  • Stance and Exchange from Center,

  • Handoffs on Running Plays,

  • Forward Passes,

  • Recognizing Defenses and

  • what to expect from all the players involved in each play.

"How To Play Better Football"
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Discover quarterback mechanics the pros use with this 8 panel brochure and then practice these skills using the exercises presented in Effective Quarterback Drills

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Effective Quarterback Mechanics

Here's a couple of sections exactly as they appear in " EFFECTIVE QUARTERBACK MECHANICS"!!!

The goal in the Quarterback "Stance" is comfort. Head - the head is straight up... Eyes - focused straight ahead... Shoulders - slightly in front of the hips... Arms - extended forward under the center's backside... Hand - placed on top of each other with the palms in, throwing hand on top, fingers spread with the middle finger placed on the center's pant seam. Pressing the hands into the center's backside is the signal the Quarterback is comfortable and ready for the exchange... Back - arched... Waist - slightly bent... Knees - comfortably flexed to the point that the ball can easily be exchanged with the center. In practice without a center, use a 45 degree bend... Feet - shoulder width apart, toes pointing straight ahead."

"How To Play Better Football"
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Common Elements to the Handoff
Footwork - Feet - the handoff side foot takes a short 6" step ("cheat step") in the direction of the play.

Handoff Footwork - Shallow Handoff - Far Foot - takes a longer step down the line of scrimmage bringing the quarterback to the handoff point... Deeper Handoffs - Far Foot - takes a longer step in the direction of the handoff. After the handoff, the quarterback continues to move to the outside... Hands - return to the stomach after the handoff...
Reverse Pivot Handoff - Feet - the quarterback pivots on the "cheat" foot taking the next step with the far foot... Back - facing the opponent's goal line."

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