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Effective Punting Mechanics

For 99, Football Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover these detailed punting mechanics ...

  • the Stance,

  • the Ready Position,

  • Waiting for the Snap,

  • Striding to the Ball,

  • the Ball Drop,

  • the Release,

  • the Kicking Movement,

  • the Follow Through and

  • punting from the End Zone.

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Discover punting mechanics the pros use with this 8 panel brochure and then practice these skills using the exercises presented in Effective Kicking Drills

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Effective Punting Mechanics

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Ball Position - Immediately after the catch, rotate the ball to have the laces pointing up and the ball is angled to the left... Small Hands - Use an underneath-hold with the hands under the ball. This grip can be used by all players... Bigger Hands - Hold the ball on the sides... Large Hands - Hold the ball on top like palming the ball. Players who can not palm the ball must stay away from this grip... Ball Angle - angled to the left about 2" from center... Wrist - Preferred method, turn the ball to the left and keep the wrist straight. Alternate method, turn the wrist to the left making sure, just prior to the punt, not to straighten the wrist... Elbows - fully extended in front of the body when holding the ball. Bending the elbows may cause the ball to strike the ankle, not the foot."

"How To Play Better Football"
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Arms/Hands - simultaneously lower the ball to the foot... Fingers - As the arm lowers the ball, the fingers drop the ball... Actual Drop Height - 8" to 12" from the release to the time the foot hits the ball.  The drop must be the same distance for each punt... More Height - Hold the ball higher and still drop the ball 8"-12"... Less Height - Lower the ball and still drop the ball 8"-12"... Windy Days - Hold the ball slightly lower and reduce the drop to 5-8"... Drop Speed - Place the ball on the foot, avoid throwing or pushing the ball to the foot."

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