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Effective Offensive Lineman Mechanics

For 99, Football Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover these detailed offensive lineman mechanics ...

  • Stances,

  • Snapping Techniques,

  • 6 types of Running Blocks,

  • Clocking for a Pass, and

  • what to expect from all the players involved in each play.

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Discover offensive lineman mechanics the pros use with this 8 panel brochure and then practice these skills using the exercises presented in Effective Offensive Lineman Drills

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Effective Offensive Lineman Mechanics

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Feet - no more than shoulder width apart at impact staying close to the ground using quick, short, choppy steps... Arms - pumping in a running motion... Shoulders - square and low... Neck - bowed... Eyes - looking at an imaginary target straight ahead... Hips - forward and up when making contact... Body - maintains contact with the defender until the whistle blows.

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For blocking a defender lined up straight ahead of the blocker. Body - between the defender and the play's path...Feet - step straight at the defender using a short step. At first contact, plant the feet... Eyes - aiming for an imaginary point a couple of feet past the defender... Hands - palms strike the center of the defender's chest... Elbows - remain close to the body... Arms - as the hips make their forward motion, the arms move forward and up under the defender's shoulder pads... Body - maintains contact with the defender until the whistle blows.

CC What to expect from the DEFENSE:
The Defensive Lineman will make contact with the Offensive Lineman with their shoulders. The Defensive Lineman's head will move to a designated side of the Offensive Lineman with the Defensive Lineman's hands moving up and out into the Offensive Lineman's chest. The arms will straighten to separate the defender from the blocker."

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