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Effective Linebacker Drills

For 99, Football Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover how to build muscle memory with these linebacker drills ...

  • Stance Drills,

  • Defeating the Blocker Drills,

  • Pass Rush Drills,

  • Tackling Drills,

  • Interception Drills,

  • Zone Pass Defense Drills and

  • Pass Recognition Drills

that professional coaches use to teach their players. 

"How To Play Better Football"
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Discover 17 important linebacker drills the pros use with this 8 panel brochure and then , more importantly, find out the skills they relate to in Effective Linebacker Mechanics

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Effective Linebacker Drills

Here's a couple of sections exactly as they appear in "EFFECTIVE LINEBACKER DRILLS"!!!

"Blocking Progression Drill
Goal: Make sure the linebackers understand who can block them and which blocks the different positions use when blocking... Description: The coach, standing behind the linebacker, has the offense line set up on the LOS. From behind the linebacker, the coach makes a hand signal to the offensive player making the block on the linebacker. At first, the motion is limited with the linebacker making light contact with the offensive player. The linebacker then calls out the type of block being used and how he will defeat the block. Contact can increase as the linebacker become more familiar with the blocking progression.. Equipment: None"

"How To Play Better Football"
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"Zone Drop Drill
Goal: Teach linebackers to quickly get into their zones and watch the quarterback... Description: After the players know their zones, the players, as a quarterback begins their drop, sprints to their zone, turn their body to face the quarterback and begin getting depth by back pedaling. The drill ends when the coach signals the players to stop going deep... Equipment: Ball"

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