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Effective Kicking Drills

For 99, Football Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover how to build muscle memory with these Punting, Kickoff and Placekicking drills.  These are the same drills professional football coaches use to teach their players. 

"How To Play Better Football"
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Discover 18 important kicking drills the pros use with this 8 panel brochure and then , more importantly, find out the skills they relate to in Effective Punting Mechanics.

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Effective Kicking Drills

Here's a couple of sections exactly as they appear in "EFFECTIVE KICKING DRILLS"!!!

"Scenario Drill
Goal: Teach the place kicker to kick a "game winner"... Description: The place kicker's last kick of the practice will always be a "game winner." The kicker is told there are only 10 seconds left on the game clock, no time remaining and the team needs this field goal to win the game. This drill gives the kicker the confidence that when this situation does arises, they know how to handle the pressure to make the kick. They have been successful in practice, they can make the kick in an actual game... Equipment: Goal posts, ball" 

"How To Play Better Football"
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"Height Drill
Goal: Teach the place kicker to get maximum height on every kick... Description: The place kicker begins by kicking field goals at the goal line. With each successful kick, the kicker movers closer to the goal posts. The kicker works to making field goals from within 4 to 5 yards of the goal posts... Equipment: Goal posts, ball."

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