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Effective Shooting Mechanics (Drills)

As in all the 99 "How To Play Better Basketball" brochures,
each section makes Players very aware of
what they need to do to succeed
on the court.

Take a look at this excerpt from "Effective Shooting Mechanics"

"Blind Shot Drill
Goal:  Teach the player to feel the shot, give the player more confidence and make the transition to good shooting mechanics... Description: Ask the players to feel their shooting mechanics realizing they are using the same motion and tempo for all their successful shots. After the players have made 5 to 6 shots in a row, ask them to close their eyes to make the shoot. The coach and other players make a really big deal out of the players making any shots with their eyes closed ... Equipment: Ball, basket"

Our exclusive 8-panel, pocket-size brochure allows
Basketball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players to readily reference each Player's shooting decisions ...
  • How is the Player's tempo?

  • Does each motion like the same as the last one?

  • Is the Player confident enough to shot with their eyes shut without cringing?

  • etc.

Besides knowing factors to shooting well, when you get this copyrighted brochure, you'll learn these other easy-to-follow shooting drills ...

  • step-by-step process to teach proper shooting,
  • learn drills to develop a shooting routine,
  • build lay-up skills,
  • improve shooting angles and
  • polish regular shoots.

"How To Play Better Basketball"
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Success is your only option!!!
Fail to see something that's not quite right or struggling to get the Player to perform proper defensive actions, then use the skills outlined in "How To Coach Better" to develop better skills, more awareness and improved results next time on the court.

"Effective Shooting Drills" compliments the shooting mechanics found in Effective Shooting Mechanics (Skills).

"How To Play Better Basketball"
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