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Effective Power Forward Package

For $8.33, 30% off the regular price, Power Forwards and Basketball Coaches discover all the Power Forward mechanics used by the best basketball players in the world.

This important Series for new Basketball Coaches, Parents and Self Coached Players includes these 8 instructional basketball brochures ...

"How To Play Better Basketball"
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How To Play Better Basketball
Effective Defensive Skills
Effective Dribbling Skills
Effective Offensive Footwork
Effective Passing Skills
Effective Playmaking Mechanics
Effective Rebounding Skills
Effective Shooting Mechanics (Skills)
Effective Shooting Mechanics (Drills)

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Effective Power Forward Package
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Effective Shooting Guard Package
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Effective Center Package

How To Coach Better
Effective Coaching Techniques
Effective Mental Training
Effective Team Building
Effective Child & Parent Connections
Effective Self-Teaching Techniques
Essential Coaching Behaviors
Effective Athletic Balance
Achieving Peak Performance