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Mechanics for Catching a Pass.
Feet - both feet plant at the same time. Allows either foot to become the pivot foot and can generate upward momentum ("Jump Stop")... Knees - flexed.
Common Catching Skills. Arms - relaxed extending away from the body to give a target...Hands - hold the ball for two seconds near the shooting side hip giving team mates a chance to get open.... Eyes - look for the open man... Elbows - bring the hands close to the body, stay out to protect the ball... Fingers - up and spread comfortably apart. Catch the ball in the first two finger joints and the thumb... Eyes - follow the ball into the hands... Knees - bent... Feet - takes a slight step forward to meet the ball. Catch the ball with one foot forward... Foot Opposite the Shooting Hand - pivots to square the shoulders to the basket... Shoulders - over the feet keeping the weight on the balls of the feet...
Body - whenever possible, in line with the flight of the ball. The player's body always moves to meet the ball, then immediately squares to face the basket. After squaring, think pass, shot or drive ("Triple Threat Position").


Our exclusive 8-panel, pocket-size brochure allows Basketball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players to readily reference how each Player catches a pass ...

  • Near what part of the Body does the Player catch their pass?

  • Does the Player's Body position promote a "triple threat position"?

  • Do the Player's Knees ever stiffen?

  • etc.

Besides knowing how to catch a pass, when you get this copyrighted brochure, you'll learn these other easy-to-follow passing skills ...

  • common passing skills,

  • chest passes,

  • bounce passes,

  • overhead passes,

  • sidearm passes baseball passes,

  • transition into the triple threat position and

  • exercises that perfect these skills.

Success is your only option!!!
Fail to see something that's not quite right or struggling to get the Player to perform proper defensive actions, then use the skills outlined in "How To Coach Better" to develop better skills, more awareness and improved results next time on the court.

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