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Effective Dribbling Skills

As in all the 99 "How To Play Better Basketball" brochures,
each section makes Players very aware of
what they need to do to succeed
on the court.

Take a look at this excerpt from "Effective Dribbling Skills" ...

Ending the Dribble
When to Stop Dribbling
. Stop - only when the player has located an open man for a pass... Feet - use a "Two Step Stop" planting in a wide base... Back Knee - bends to lower the body
Stopping, But Continuing the Dribble. Feet - shoulder width apart rapidly moving up and down as if "stepping on hot coals"... Toes - facing the basket... Hands - change the dribble from a "Speed Dribble" to a "Control Dribble"... Eyes - read the defender and the defense... Moves - fake before either shooting, passing or driving.
Dribbling under Extreme Pressure. Feet - take a quick step backward, then use either a "Change of Direction Dribble" or "Speed Dribble' to separate from the defense.... Head - up... Eyes - looking for a pass to an open teammate.

Our exclusive 8-panel, pocket-size brochure allows Basketball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players to readily reference how each Player ends their dribble ...

  • Does the Player stop their dribble at the right time?

  • Are the dribblers feet always moving?

  • What can the Player do to dribble better under pressure?

  • etc.

Besides knowing about how to end the dribble, when you get this copyrighted brochure, you'll learn these other easy-to-follow dribbling skills ...

  • control dribbles,
  • change of pace dribbles,
  • cross-over dribbles,
  • reverse dribbles
  • fake cross-over dribbles,
  • speed dribbles and
  • spin dribbles

Success is your only option!!!
Fail to see something that's not quite right or struggling to get the Player to perform proper defensive actions, then use the skills outlined in "How To Coach Better" to develop better skills, more awareness and improved results next time on the court.

"How To Play Better Basketball"
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