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As in all the 99 "How To Play Better Basketball" brochures,
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Take a look at this excerpt from "Effective Defensive Skills" ...

The Defensive Stance
Body Position. Body - keep the ball carrier away from the basket and force the ball carrier to take longer routes by staying between the offensive player and the basket and the center of the ball in front of the body... Positioning - about arm's length from the ball carrier. For quicker opponents, defend a step further back... Head - centered over the body, midway between the feet, up at all times... Eyes - never turn to see the ball, use peripheral vision to keep track of the ball and the offensive player's belly button... Back - straight... Chest - out... Knees - flexed... Waist - bent... Backside - low... Weight - on the balls of the feet... Feet - wider than shoulder width, staggered with the lead foot outside the offensive player's body and the back foot in the middle of the offensive player's body... Body Posture - like sitting back in a chair.


Our exclusive 8-panel, pocket-size brochure allows Basketball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players to readily reference each Player's Defensive Stance...

  • Is the Player's Body Position as prescribed?

  • Where should the Player be positioned in relation to their opponent?

  • Where must the Player's Head relative to their Feet?

  • You remember something about "Feet staggered", but forget what exactly you need to remember?

  • etc.

Besides knowing about a defensive stance, when you get this copyrighted brochure, you'll learn these other easy-to-follow defensive skills ...

  • defensive footwork,

  • 'on the ball' defense,

  • 'off the ball' defense,

  • low post defense,

  • cutter defense,

  • flash cut defense,

  • screen defenses PLUS

  • 6 more defensive tips.

Success is your only option!!!
Fail to see something that's not quite right or struggling to get the Player to perform proper defensive actions, then use the skills outlined in "How To Coach Better" to develop better skills, more awareness and improved results next time on the court.

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