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Effective Shortstop Mechanics

4-6-3 Double Plays

Movement - as quickly as possible to the bag... Mental Preparation - get ready for the toughest throw possible... Feet - both feet behind second base... Shoulders - square to the first base line... Hands - both hands catch the ball at chest level, then, transfer the ball for the throw... Glove Side Foot - steps into the ball... Throwing Side Foot - drags across the base in front of the left foot... gets the shortstop into the air to avoid sliding runners.

"How To Play Better Baseball"
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3-6-3 Double Plays
The mechanics are the same as above with these exceptions. Feet - on the inside of second base... Glove Side Foot - as the catch is made, on the bag... Foot Movement -
takes a modified "crow hop", glove side foot moves in front of the throwing side foot, then the throwing side foot kicks in front of the other foot to throw the ball.

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Effective Shortstop Mechanics

In this 8 panel brochure, Baseball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover these detailed shortstop mechanics ...

  • fielding ground balls,

  • throwing a baseball,

  • beginning double plays,

  • finishing double plays,

  • catching fly balls,

  • tagging,

  • playing cut-off and

  • rundowns.

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