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Effective Outfielder Mechanics

Cutoff/Relays prevent runners from taking extra bases, many times put an end to big innings and many times are directly responsible for the win.
Basic Cutoff Principles … the relay man throws to the base in front of the lead runner… cut off throws hit the cut off man in the chest… the Outfielder playing the ball knows what to do with the ball before making the catch.. all cut off calls are loud, clear and repeated a number of times… positioning from the cutoff man is within range for the player to make a perfect throw.
Basic Relay Mechanics
- throw to the chest of the cut-off man with their hands over their head… Cutoff Man - the cutoff man moves to the ball to make a good relay throw to the proper base.

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Double Relays
Use double relays on extra base hits that force the outfielder to the fence. Uses double relays to hold the Runner at Second.
Closest Middle Infielder - becomes the relay man positioning themselves in a straight line between the ball and third or home… lets the ball go to the other middle infielder when the ball is overthrown or hits the ground before reaching this player… Other Middle Infielder - position 15-20 feet from the other middle infielder… calls the base the play is going… handles overthrown balls... Follow Through - move to a defensive position.

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Effective Outfielder Mechanics

In this 8 panel brochure, Baseball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover these detailed outfielder mechanics ...

  • working as a team in the outfield,

  • positioning,

  • drifting to the ball,

  • fielding the ball,

  • catching fly balls,

  • throwing the ball,

  • getting the ball to the cutoff man and

  • handling balls in the gap.

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