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Effective Offensive Strategies

Runners stay in a rundown as long as possible giving...

  1. all other base runners a chance to advance,

  2. the defensive team more of a chance to make a bad throw and

  3. defensive players a chance to be charged with 'interference' in the base path."

"How To Play Better Baseball"
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PICKOFF MOVES - At the first sign the pitcher is going to the plate, the runner begins their attempted steal. Right hand pitchers - watch the glove hand shoulder. The shoulder opens toward first on pickoff moves and stays closed when going home. Left hand pitchers - watch the hands and the feet. Lefthanders may unconsciously hold their hand higher or lower when making pickoff moves or open their hips when going to first and close their hips when going home."


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Effective Offensive Strategies

In this 8 panel brochure, Baseball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover these offensive strategies ...

  • moving runners up,

  • bunting runners over,

  • forcing defensive errors,

  • challenging the pitcher with aggressive leads,

  • reacting to pick-off attempts,

  • making the most of every hit and

  • sliding on close plays. 

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