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Effective Offensive Drills

"Signing Drill
Goal: Teach the player the team signs.
Drill: After presenting the team with the signs for the season, the coach gives players a list of the situations covered by the signs. The players team up, one player giving a situation and the other player showing the proper sign. (Avoid giving both the sign and the situation on the same list. This lessens the chance that the other team will get a copy of the team's signs.)

"How To Play Better Baseball"
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"Getting a Jump Drill
Reading a pitcher's move to get a great jump on the pitcher.
Drill: Runners line up in groups of 4 near the first base area and with enough room to take crossover steps. With a pitcher near the mound area in a stretch, the runners read the pitcher's movements, yelling "go" while taking a crossover step or "back" as they return to their original positions."

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Effective Offensive Drills

In this 8 panel brochure, Baseball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover ways to develop an offensive presence with these offensive drills ...

  • running drills,

  • base stealing drills,

  • taking extra base drills,

  • drills for hitting in special situations,

  • bunting and

  • sliding drills

that professional coaches use to teach their players.   

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