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Effective Fielding Mechanics

"READY POSITIONS - all players
(The "Ready Position" moves the player from the "Starting Position" into "Fielding the Ball."
Feet - the fielder takes two small steps forward as the ball crosses the plate.
READY POSITION - infield only
Feet - the next move is toward the ball, beginning with a cross over step..
READY POSITION - outfield only
Feet - the next move is toward the ball, beginning with two cross over steps which brings the good players to full speed. To help keep sight of the ball, outfielders sprint to the ball on the balls of their feet."

"How To Play Better Baseball"
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"FIELDING THE BALL - infield only
Hands- the glove hand is positioned front of the glove foot... Waist/Body - as the fielder reaches the ball, the bellybutton stays slightly to the glove hand side of the ball. Except on hard hit grounders, the fielder takes a curved route or "banana route" to the ball. This route begins with a cross-over step in the direction of the ball. As the ball is caught, the fielder ends the route with yet another cross-over step and a plant of the throwing foot in preparation for the throw.... Feet - wider than the shoulders with the glove side foot positioned slightly ahead of the throwing side foot. "

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Effective Fielding Mechanics

In this 8 panel brochure, Baseball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover how to develop muscle memory with these critical fielding mechanics ..

  • field ground balls,

  • throw accurately and with velocity,

  • position themselves properly,

  • hit the cut-off man,

  • effectively play rundowns

the way professional coaches teach their players. 

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