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Effective Catcher Mechanics

Body Positions on Bunts.
For balls on the right side of the infield - face first base keeping the ball on the throwing side of the body. Pick the ball up as described and throw to first base.
For balls on the left side of the infield - keep your back to first base and pick up the ball. To throw, pivot on the right foot, turn to the left and throw.

"How To Play Better Baseball"
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. Left Foot - positioned about 18" up the third base line... Left Toe - points toward third base... Right Foot - in front of the plate, moves after catching the ball.. Eyes - focuses on the ball, follows the ball into the glove... Arms/Hands - (1) catch the ball... (2) apply the tag with the back of the glove facing the runner... The Tag - (1) use two hands that hold the ball in the glove's pocket... (2) Pull the bare hand and the glove away from the runner... (3) Prepare for another throw or show the ball to the umpire.

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Effective Catcher Mechanics

In this 8 panel brochure, Baseball Parents, Developmental League Coaches and Self-Coached Players discover how to develop muscle memory with these critical catching mechanics ...

  • properly catch a pitcher,

  • play great individual defense,

  • control the team's defense,

  • effectively throw runners out and

  • properly give signals

the way professional coaches teach their players. 

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